• A Few Code Optimization Techniques In C++

    Recently I learned about a few interesting optimization techniques in C++ that I decided to share in here:

  • Hacking Atom Editor - Defining Your Own Style Sheet

    Atom editor is my of my most favorite editors (Besides Sublime Text ). I mainly like Atom because its open-source and ‘hackable’ nature, the fact that you can configure almost everything that you see and of course the package management system (A.K.A apm package manager)

  • Emscripten And The Future of Web Gaming

    Recently I’ve been learning game development using Unity Game Engine and I plan to make a game this year. So far there have been lots of concepts around game mechanics that I have been learning (The concepts I learned in my Physics 120 were not so useless after all!).

  • The Many Ways To Transfer Files Over a Network

    My purpose: I hope after reading this post, next time that you want to move files between computers you will not torture yourself, and endanger the security and privacy of your company by using services like GMail, Dropbox, or sketchy file upload services! (Seriously, I have seen quite experienced people who still do the above)

  • Email: Tracking A Receiver's Geolocaiton/Knowing If Your Email Was Read

    The Problem

    This will probably be one of my most interesting posts. In this post I am going to explain how something as simple as reading an email could expose someone’s geolocation and/or how you could know if an email was read or not.