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Behnam Azizi

Software Developer/QA

Personal Profile

I am a software developer and QA with interest in web development and anything web related. I am experienced with object-oriented programming and software design patterns in a variety of programming languages including Java, C++, PHP, Python, JavaScript and Bash. I have 20 months of experience working with the following frameworks and languages:

  • PHP (Simpletest and Laravel frameworks), MySQL
  • HTML/CSS (Bootstrap) and JavaScript (jQuery, Google Charts)
  • Python (Selenium and unittest framework)

Finally, I am an open-source enthusiast who spends his free time learning Linux/Unix-based technology, Bash scripting, system administration, networking and computer security.

Work Experience

Web Developer at Gravit-e

Apr - Aug 2016

  • Developed a wrapper framework for PDO Driver and over 50 unit tests that tested the framework using PHP SimpleTest Framework
  • Utilized Google Charts and Hipchat API to develop an application which generated a timeline of hours employees worked on ever
  • Developed a heatmap calendar which color-coded days of the year based on the number of hours employees were online on any given day (~250 lines of JavaScript/PHP and 24 lines of MySQL code)
  • Developed a project management application which allowed managers keep track of the number of hours employees spent on different projects and different tasks of each project (More than 5000 lines of PHP code and 100 lines of MySQL code)
  • Maintained and improved frameworks used internally at Gravit-e

Automation Developer at Tantalus Systems Corp.

Sep 2015 - Apr 2016

  • Developed over 50 test suites that automated testing of smart meter devices using Python unittest framework (More than 5000 lines)
  • Documented a procedure to turn a live running Redhat Linux server into a virtual machine
  • Developed a script that compared two active Mercurial repositories and notified developers of change sets that required transplant (~600 lines of code)
  • Monitored a Jenkins build system used by over 20 people and took responsibility during emergencies outside office hours
  • Developed Bash scripts to automate parts of Jenkins build process and backup files on a server using Linux rsync command (~100 lines of code)

QA Developer at SFU IT Services

May - Dec 2014

  • Automated testing of software using Selenium, Python and Robot Framework (~5000 lines of code)
  • Developed a Python framework that automated documentation of test results on Jira (Zephyr) using Zephyr REST API
  • Developed and published an open-source framework in Python that can query ServiceNow database tables using REST API

Key Skills

  • Python
  • Java
  • C++
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Matlab
  • Bash


Simon Fraser University

2011 - 2017

Bachelor of Science with Co-op Designation, Computing Science