• Port Forwarding on T3200M (Telus) Router

    Last week I switched form SHAW Communications to Telus high-speed Internet. I normally forward a few ports on my router to access my web server and proxy at home while I’m at work or outside.

  • Setting Facebook chat to any color

    The UI in Facebook allows only certain colors to be set for a chat, like the following: Facebook chat color changer

  • Hacking Travian Profiles (CSRF)

    I detected multiple XSS and CSRF vulnerabilities in Travian (Online game).

  • Linux: Mounting Windows drives on startup

    In this post I am going to explain how to mount Windows drives on start up. In this example, my Windows machine has drives C, D and E.

  • My very first post

    This is my very first post. In here I will be blogging about my interesting technical experiences. Here are some topics I will be blogging about: