• Instagram Secret ASCII Images

    Recently I realized that, for unknown reasons, Instagram turns all uploaded images into text/HTML and stores them. The images can be viewed by appending .txt or .html to the url (Direct URL to an image). For example, here is the URL to my profile picture:

  • Bypassing NAT Firewall Using Reverse SSH Port Forwarding

    WARNING: Everything discussed in this post is just for learning purposes. Do not use this at work without permission of your local system admin!

  • An Alternative to VPN - Using a SOCKS Proxy for Security and Privacy

    One of the lesser known features of SSH is port forwarding and sending data through an encrypted tunnel to a remote server. That’s the idea behind SOCKS proxies. I personally prefer SOCKS over VPN because all you need for it is an SSH server to connect to and it requires almost zero configuration to work (As opposed to VPN which has a crazy complicated configuration process).

  • A Backup Script in Bash (Rsync)

    I bought a new PC with Windows 10 installed two months ago and, as usual, the first thing I did was to dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu. However, one strange issue that I’ve encountered is that every time I boot into Windows, the next time I try to boot into Ubuntu, the desktop does not load and instead the following error is shown (Shell access is perfectly fine):

  • A Script to Update Wallpaper Based on Bing Image of the Day

    Isn’t it cool that every time you turn on your computer a new random wallpaper shows up?