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Recently I’ve been learning game development using Unity Game Engine and I plan to make a game this year. So far there have been lots of concepts around game mechanics that I have been learning (The concepts I learned in my Physics 120 were not so useless after all!).

One of the unbelievably cool features of of Unity Game Engine is the fact that it can cross compile your C# or JS code to make it work on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, PC and even Web!

Here I saw a blog about how Unity uses Emscripten to compile machine language into JS code that runs in browser! It’s pretty amazing isn’t it?

Long story short, here you can see a simple 3D game I made that is cross-compiled to work with WebGL. The game may take up to 10 seconds to load:

Unity WebGL Player | Ball Game


  • jump: Mouse left click / Space
  • move using arrow keys
  • rotate the camera using mouse